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Thank You to the Men and Women of our Armed Forces and all of our Allies for your Sacrifices to make this a safer and better Country to Live.


                                              Welcome home Major Ryan Wylie.....Amy, Lucy,  and baby brother Hank

                                                                              And Thanks for serving our country!


Amy Wylie

So, I never do much on a status updating, I do well to post pictures. But was so overwhelmed by two events today. First while at open house I saw the most amazing, happy dad. He is a veteran who lost both his legs and an arm. His kids were smiling, he was smiling as he rode down the hallways of open house in his wheelchair. He was happy to just be present for an activity like this. I was getting overwhelmed by going to different classes and filing out what felt like unending paperwork. It was such a reminder of our freedom. No matter where you fall on your opinion of the war we cannot thank these men and women enough. Yes, I am married to an awesome Army man so I am prejudice and we have made it through multiple deployments and it's never easy, but I could not be more proud of our military. 
The second event, after conquering open house the kids and I decided to eat out at the mall food court (was not anyone of our favorite choice but could kill 2 birds with one stone. I had to make returns and get one kid new tennis shoes). There was an obviously homeless man enjoying a seat and some time from being outside. Every so often he would ask for money but not being too aggressive. Then in walks a soldier, he greets his wife and family. He then notices this man just sitting there. He gets food for his family and then walks over and after some words, helps this homeless man and takes him over and bought him dinner. Of course, being 8 months pregnant I got a little teary eyed. I just feel there is so much negativeness happening in politics and with our military that we all must remember we don't hear the stories of these great, honorable people who wear the uniform!










                                                                               O'Neal's  Baby     Twin  Beechcraft

                     Ace aerobatic instructer Steve Johnson gives Aubrey Galbraith some really good instruction!  



     Some people look at things as they are and say why, aviators look at things as they have never been and say why

not.                                                                Second from left

                O'Neal Galbraith  marine pilot WW2  and TWA Captain.     Thanks for being my Dad and my Hero !                 





Marine pilot in the Solomon islands in the South Pacific with 130 combat missions and receipient of the Distinquish flying cross, Thanks for being my dad and my her0.






                     Aubrey Galbraith   happy to be back in Nashville after a week of cheer leading camp at U.T. Knoxville.




                                       There are old pilots and there are bold pilots  but not many of us old bold pilots  left!








                                                        Oh  I believe there are angels among us!!!                                                                    

                                                                                                          High Flight







                                                                  Aubrey  &    O'Neal              Southern California


                            Spent the weekend with Jesus! Oh what a day, could tell that he Loves us  in a very Special way!